See out 2022 with love: Give where you live

“Despite the privilege and affluence that many have here, there are plenty of people who are in need and who are struggling and giving it their best, and they deserve to be acknowledged and respected and supported. And the reality is many of them are also participating in our lives in ways that give us the level of comfort and privilege that we have.”

— Brian Chancellor, Longtime Donor, Palo Alto Community Fund Advisory Board Member

As a local grant provider, we see the magnitude of wealth inequality in our community more than most. For the last 40 plus years, the Palo Alto Community Fund (PACF) has financially supported the incredible nonprofits who do the work in our local area—Palo Alto, East Palo Alto and Menlo Park—to help uplift the vulnerable, bring educational opportunities to all, support families, and improve the lives of everyone in our community.

Thanks to our many donors, this past spring we invested $1.7 million in 93 local nonprofits, including some larger impact grants, to address longer term solutions for housing security, mental health, hunger, affordable childcare, and education equity.

We are raising money to invest another $1.7 million or more over the next year to help those in need in our area. It truly takes a village of nonprofits and donors to fill the often invisible gaps and provide services and programs for a community. Our nonprofit grantees support people living in the Midpeninsula in many different ways—providing after-school care for lower-income families, supporting our elders, ensuring access to life-saving swim lessons for all children, or feeding and housing families.

So see out 2022 with love by giving where you live. We are all in this together, and we all have a role to play.

Donate today.