Donor Spotlight – Amy Rosenberg

December 1, 2021

Our donors are the backbone of the Palo Alto Community Fund (PACF). Thank you to all of you – each donation is impactful and meaningful. When talking to donors, it is striking how important it is to them that everyone is uplifted in our community. And that is what PACF strives to do.

Here is an extract of a recent conversation with a donor. Amy Rosenberg, and her husband John, live near downtown, Palo Alto. They have two children, their daughter is a sophomore in high school and their son is a freshman in college. 

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your thoughts with us.

Why and when did you move to this area?
In 1997, we moved here from New York. We were looking for a change, and we got it! Palo Alto was an exciting place to work, a community of interesting people, and a great spot from which we could explore California.

What do you love about living here?
We love the natural beauty of the area, and although cliche, we love the weather here. We really enjoy being in a community with a proactive approach to supporting local needs.

You first gave to the Palo Alto Community Fund (PACF) in 2017. What attracted you to the Palo Alto Community Fund?
I’d never heard of the concept of community funds before. I tend to spend a lot of time researching organizations to support and when I learned about PACF, I was impressed that PACF vets and provides resources to an eclectic group of nonprofits. By giving to PACF, I know our donation reaches many organizations, addressing poverty, the arts, mental health, and other areas of great need.

You’ve given once or twice every year since then. First of all, thank you. What motivates you to keep giving?
We keep giving because the needs never go away. And I value PACF’s hard work identifying and supporting local organizations that are an essential part of the fabric of our community. 

Do you have an anecdote about PACF’s work that really moved you?
At the start of the pandemic, I volunteered to help hand-deliver grocery gift cards donated by PACF to underserved families. I went to apartment complexes five minutes from my home and met families living with genuine food insecurity. The families’ gratitude touched me at such a difficult time.

What other organizations or causes do you support?
Our family supports causes related to the arts, mental health, the environment and journalism. I also have been fortunate enough to serve on some incredible nonprofit boards. I currently serve on the board of the Amy Krouse Rosenthal Foundation 

What do you hope PACF will achieve in the long term?
I hope PACF continues to be at the forefront of identifying and investing in organizations supporting the mental health of an equitable, diverse, and culturally rich community.

Do you have a message to share with other donors or potential donors?
I would encourage potential donors to visit a grantee. Go get a coffee at the pioneering Ada’s Cafe. Visit the remarkable youth arts organization, EPACENTER, in East Palo Alto. You can’t help but be inspired when you see these organizations in action.

Would you like to add anything else? You have the floor!
Keep doing what you do!