Our Mission Statement & Values

We focus on the unique needs of our community and channel charitable giving of local donors to effective organizations that improve the quality of life for everyone in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and Menlo Park.


We value the continuing role of philanthropy in meeting the needs and challenges of our community.

We strive to steward the endowment to ensure that it benefits present and future generations.

Local Needs & Knowledge

We value the sense of community and caring demonstrated by our local residents.

We concentrate our efforts on nonprofits  that enhance the quality of life in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and Menlo Park. Our board members are knowledgeable volunteers with experience in our community.

Responsibility and Accountability

We value wise stewardship of funds.

We strive to merit our donors’ trust by conducting our activities professionally, ethically, responsibly and transparently. Using the talents and expertise of our volunteer Board members, we carefully evaluate each request for support and trust our grantees’ use of funds focuses on their areas of most need and most significant impact.

Belief in the efficacy of nonprofits

We value the work of nonprofits in addressing the needs of our community with creative and innovative solutions.

We help nonprofits fulfill their missions by making grants that will have maximum impact in our community and by offering educational and networking opportunities for our grantees. We support established organizations as well as investing in new organizations and approaches.


We value the diversity of our program areas and the populations served.

We endeavor to fund a variety of programs that serve diverse needs and diverse populations. We strive to achieve diversity on our board.