Planned Giving to PACF

Leave a legacy with El Palo Alto Legacy Circle

The El Palo Alto Legacy Circle is a planned giving society that allows the Palo Alto Community Fund to continue supporting our evolving community for generations to come. Our distinguished donors leave a legacy of support for the communities encircling the first official living California landmark—the El Palo Alto Redwood Tree. 

As an El Palo Alto Legacy Circle member, you receive unique recognition and special opportunities to stay connected in the community, witnessing the real impact of giving where you live with the Palo Alto Community Fund.

How can I leave a Legacy Gift with PACF?

  • Bequests by will or trust
  • Gifts of cash or other readily liquidated assets (e.g. publicly traded securities)
  • Gifts of real estate or interests in real estate
  • Gifts of life insurance policies

Our El Palo Alto Legacy Circle members say it best:

“I have chosen to make a legacy gift because it makes me feel good and I take charitable giving very seriously. At my age, the matter of Estate Planning becomes a more pressing matter. I make these decisions with conscious effort that I think is required in order to do it well.”  – Bill Reller
“We chose Palo Alto Community Fund for a legacy gift because we have supported it for over 30 years. We believe in what the Palo Alto Community Fund does…especially as it invests in many small nonprofits that don’t have the resources to reach out broadly in the community. We love the idea of the kind of nonprofits that PACF is so well known for supporting.” – Maddy and Isaac Stein
“I am very attached to the Palo Alto area community, even though I wasn’t born here.  I came here for college, married here and our children were born and raised here.  I appreciate the Give Where You Live message that emphasizes supporting the community that has supported me and my family.”  – Anne Dauer
“I choose to make legacy gifts because when I am no longer here to make my yearly gift, I can still support our local community with larger gifts than I would give annually.  My wife and family will be well taken care of and so I will also be able to give to the community.” – Roger Smith
“I choose to make a planned gift because giving back was always a message of my upbringing and now I can finally afford to do that myself.  It’s important to realize that if you simply give what you can, and others do what they can, the power of aggregate giving can make a significant impact.”  – Elizabeth Pape Lucchesi

Join PACF’s El Palo Alto Legacy Circle

If you’d like to learn more about the El Palo Alto Legacy Circle, reach out to PACF Executive Director, Lisa Van Dusen at or (650) 690-0370 or fill out the form below.


All estate planning designations are a stated intention for the future disposition of an asset in your estate. Those designations are not legally binding during your lifetime. Palo Alto Community Fund cannot provide legal or tax advice. Please consult an attorney or tax advisor.